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1 Testimony Image Ms. Saada H Ali - Member Of Committee JUWAUZA was able to help children with disability raised in Upendo Center by paying their school fees and buying them uniforms, also JUWAUZA helped their guardians to find the information to access for the disabled. JUWAUZA was prompt in providing services with a lot of respect and navigating our accessible finances to help us out. I would rate as Excellent.
2 Testimony Image Ms. Mwantatu M Khamis - Member Of Committee Where I came from is far away and I still have a long way to go in convincing the community to agree that people with disabilities can participate in decision making bodies. Thank you so much JUWAUZA for raising me and giving me leadership training and I have finally been able to be a member of House of Representatives for over 5 years now.
3 Testimony Image Mr. Bakar O Hamad - Executive Director JUWAUZA is proud of the partnership we have maintained with the people we serve and develpment partners who support our initiatives and value the contribution of a diverse workforce working to empower the lives and advocate for the rights of the people with disabilities while contributing to the character of our communities.                                                               
4 Testimony Image Ms. Zeana K Ahmed - Secretary All human beings are equal and should not be discriminated against the basis  on the basis of disability. Despite the fact that I am a person with Disability but JUWAUZA that was not a barrier. for them to Deploy me as an Observer in the 2020 election. JUWAUZA deployed me and I was able to do my job very effectively. Thank you so much JUWAUZA.