# Image Full Name Staff Type Position Action
1 Staff Image Ms Fakihat A Omar Volunteers Assistant IT Officer
2 Staff Image Mr Abdul-Wakil H Hafidh Board of Trustee Board Chairman
3 Staff Image Ms Thuwayba S Abass Staff Logictic Officer
4 Staff Image Ms Hajra Simai Volunteers Social Protection Officer
5 Staff Image Mr Khamis O Mzee Staff Accountant
6 Staff Image Ms Fatma M Simai Volunteers Human Resource Officer
7 Staff Image Ms Sabah A Mzee Volunteers IT Officer
8 Staff Image Ms Hidaya M Masoud Executive Commitee Vice Chairperson
9 Staff Image Mr Bakar O Hamad Staff Executive Director
10 Staff Image Ms Salma H Saadat Executive Commitee Chairperson
11 Staff Image Ms Zeana K Ahmed Executive Commitee General Secretary
12 Staff Image Ms Asya Abdul-Salami Board of Trustee Board Member
13 Staff Image Ms Abeida Rashid Board of Trustee Board Mmeber
14 Staff Image Mr Suleiman M Baitan Staff Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
15 Staff Image Ms Zakia S Daudi Volunteers Program Officer
16 Staff Image Ms. Maryam A Salim Staff Pemba Officer
17 Staff Image Ms Ngaza S Mzee Staff Office Attendant
18 Staff Image Ms Hawra Shamte Staff Communication Officer
19 Staff Image Ms Raya Alley Executive Commitee Treasurer