Message From Director

I take this opportunity to thank all those who continue to work with JUWAUZA and ensure that the issues of people with disabilities are considered and given priority.

As part of the stakeholders in advocacy for the rights of persons with disabilities, we pledge to work with local and international partners and stakeholders to achieve the goals of national and international conventions on the opportunities and rights of persons with disabilities.

We will also work more closely with the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar to build a better future for the lives of people with disabilities while achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for people with disabilities and society at large.

Advocacy meeting with House of Representativesd (113)

Focus Areas 2021 - 2025

Civic Engagement

- Widening civic engagement of WGWDs and their communities and democratic participation
- Raising awareness on the rights and dignity of WGWDs

Economic Empowerement

- Improving income of WGWDs - Enhancing the entrepreneurial capacity of WGWDs
- Improving access to financial services for WGWDs

Social Protection & Well-Being

-Reducing gender-based discrimination and violence for WGWDs.
-Championing Reproductive Health Rights and providing education programs for WGWDs.
-Peace building and Conflict resolution


Frequently Asked Questions

JUMUIYA YA WANAWAKE WENYE ULEMAVU ZANZIBAR (JUWAUZA) is a non-governmental organization that deals with girls and women with Disabilities.

-We advocate for rights and equal opportunities for girls and women with disabilities

-We establish and strengthen women with disabilities groups in order to be self-reliant as well as to reduce poverty

-We empower women with disabilities econimically, socialy and politically.

-We raise awareness on disability issues.

-We eliminate all forms of discriminations against girls and women with disabilities

Women and girls with disabilities are the among vulnerable group in the society, they are  are often pushed to the extreme margins and experience profound discriminations. 
This has led to lower economic and social status, they have been victims of increased risk of violence and abuse, including sexual violence; gender-based discriminatory practices, and limited access to basic social services including education, health care (including sexual and reproductive health). 
JUWAUZA as a stakeholder organization is dedicated to the rights of women and persons with disabilities to champion the group in achieving their full inclusion in society on an equal basis with others.

Members are all women and girls with disabilities of Unguja and Pemba. 

The registration of members is done through filling of a membership forms that are available at our offices in Unguja and Pemba. For more details you can reach us though our contacts.

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