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Inspiring Story: Meet Fakihat Omar

Dear Friends and Advocates,

Meet Fakihat Omar Abubakar, a determined 23-year-old woman with multiple disabilities, particularly dystonia. In 2020, Fakihat completed her Information Technology certificate at VTA College and embarked on a transformative journey with JUWAUZA, a leading organization for women and girls with disabilities in Zanzibar.

Before her involvement with JUWAUZA, Fakihat faced challenges. She had limited awareness of disability rights and movements, and battled with feelings of low self-esteem and abandonment. However, her decision to volunteer as an assistance officer at JUWAUZA marked a turning point.

During her first year at JUWAUZA, Fakihat courageously ran for a leadership position in internal elections, an experience that significantly bolstered her confidence and self-perception. Despite not clinching the role, she emerged stronger and more determined than ever.

Subsequently, Fakihat was appointed as the coordinator of women with disabilities platforms in Zanzibar, supported by ADD International. Her focus shifted towards advocating for justice in the court system and creating accessible environments for people with disabilities.

Fakihat's journey of empowerment didn't stop there. She underwent comprehensive training in women's empowerment, gender equality, reproductive health leadership, and advocacy campaigns. Her unwavering commitment and tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed, she has been nominated for numerous awards, recognizing her dedication to empowering women and girls with disabilities and championing their rights.

Driven by a profound sense of purpose, Fakihat is deeply committed to nurturing the potential of girls and youth with disabilities. Her mission is to foster self-acceptance, cultivate leadership skills, and inspire the next generation of activists.

Fakihat attributes much of her personal and professional growth to the invaluable support, opportunities, and mentorship provided by JUWAUZA. Her dedication has been duly recognized,she is the proud recipient of prestigious awards such as the Women in Islam Women with Disability Change Makers Award and the Zanzibar Youth Award in the Ability category.

Fakihat Omar Abubakar, Assistance IT Officer- JUWAUZA

Current Projects

Uraia Wetu
Tushiriki Pamoja(Era Fund)
Sisi Ni Wamoja
What We Do

Focus Areas 2021 - 2025

Civic Engagement

  • Widening Civic Engagement of Women and Girls With Disabilities (WGWDs) and their communities and democratic participation.
  • Raising awareness on the rights and dignity of WGWDs.

Economic Empowerement

  • Improving income of WGWDs
  • Enhancing the entrepreneurial capacity of WGWDs
  • Improving access to financial services for WGWDs

Social Protection & Well-Being

  • Reducing gender-based discrimination and violence for WGWDs.
  • Championing Reproductive Health Rights and providing education programs for WGWDs.
  • Peace building and Conflict resolution


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