About Us

Jumuiya ya Wanawake wenye Ulemavu Zanzibar (JUWAUZA) translated as Organization of Women with Disabilities in Zanzibar is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization that is free from political, religious and any ethnic divisions which officially registered in December, 2008 under the Society Act No 6, 1995 with registration No 671 and re-registered under the business entity’s registration Act No 12 of 2012 with official registration Number Z0000049980.

The organization was established and is governed by ten women with different types of disabilities among them four are from Pemba and six from Unguja. Currently, the head quarter of the organization is at Kikwajuni Zanzibar house No. 19/ 353 and the sub office is at Mkanjuni ChakeChake Pemba.

The main focus of JUWAUZA is to advocate for the rights of women and girls with disabilities through awareness creation, training and capacity building. Also, the organization addresses the social issues that include livelihoods, education, peace building, health, economic, political and human rights that focus to develop women and girls with disabilities at different levels of the society.

The organization has strong partnership with Zanzibar Gender Coalition, CBOs, NGOS, FBOs, local and central Government institutions in Zanzibar for advocating the rights and equal opportunities of people with disabilities especially women and girls based on inclusive society where by women and girls with disabilities can be involved and participated in different decision making bodies, legislation and development of national policies.

JUWAUZA envisions to having a society where women and girls with disabilities enjoy equal rights and opportunities and live in barriers free environment.

JUWAUZA is non-government organization which strives to advocate and empower women and girls with disabilities to enable them enjoy their rights and have quality life.