JUWAUZA would like to recognize, with appreciation, the various institutions and individuals that provided both financial and technical support to the observation of Zanzibar 2020 general election and production of the report.

The funding for the observation of Zanzibar 2020 general elections came from the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). We are grateful to them for their financial support which enabled JUWAUZA to set up a Secretariat and meet the expenses of the election observation mission. We also wish to acknowledge, with appreciation, the valuable technical support from the National Democratic Institute (NDI), which made the observation exercise easier.

Our appreciation is extended to 14 JUWAUZA core teams for the support that they have always extended to their election observation mission. This support includes, among others, a pool of potential Long Term Observers (LTOs) who during the Election Day they observed as Short Term Observers (STOs). Special thanks go to the Zonal Coordinators and ICT experts who dedicated their valuable time to impartially collect the data from LTOs/STOs, consolidate, analyze and share the reports with the Coordination Committee for the 2020 electoral processes. Their teamwork spirit and diligence to duty are highly appreciated.