Zanzibar Association of the Disabled is a national cross-disability organization established in 1985, registered in Zanzibar under the Land Perpetual Succession Decree (Cap 101), and complied with Section 58, Society Act No. 6 of 1995. It boasts of a membership of 7,459 (3,232 women and 4,277 men).  The organization is run and controlled by women and men with disabilities themselves. It aims to mobilize its members to bring about lasting changes for the benefit of all women, men and children with disabilities and their families.

To achieve this, UWZ works closely with  Government institutions, private sectors, national and international organizations as well as local Disabled Peoples’ Organizations (DPOs) based in Zanzibar. It has grown up and is now recognized nationally and internationally and slowly changing from a typical service delivery organization to a human rights based organization.

An inclusive society in which men, women and children with disabilities fully realize their human rights and are able to live with dignity and equality.

To empower men, women and children with disabilities through advocacy to influence policy and legislations regarding rights of men and women with disabilities, awareness raising of communities on the basic human rights, and capacity building of men and women with disabilities leading to non-discrimination hence an inclusive society.

Core values

  • Inclusion, (non-discrimination based on class, ethnicity, race, disability and age)

  • Equality of participation

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Solidarity and volunteerism

  • Respect

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