The Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) accredited JUWAUZA to observe the 2020 Zanzibar general elections as a local independent citizen-based, non-partisan and impartial observation group. The JUWAUZA specific mission was to assess whether the Gender and Social Inclusion Policy of 2015 was observed and determine the extent to which the elections were peaceful and inclusive. Referring to Section 4.3 of the Gender and Social Inclusion Policy of 2015 which set forth on “Prevention and Mitigation of Electoral Violence”, JUWAUZA saw the urge to play an increasingly visible role in the electoral process to consolidate the ongoing democratic gains, to see if there was electoral violence and understanding its merging due to inhibiting factor for free and effective participation of social groups in the electoral process. Carefully considering the same policy, Section 4.4 added the paramount importance of JUWAUZA to take part as Inclusive Election Observers gathering and making an informed judgement about credibility, legitimacy and transparency of the electoral process as an effective mechanism to promote women, youths and active PWDs participation in the process.

This report covers what was observed in the conduct of the elections. In doing so, JUWAUZA assesses the general environment in which the elections were conducted, the constitutional and legal infrastructure of the elections, provision of voter education, nomination of candidates, the conduct of election campaigns, participation of women and marginalized groups, election day and post-election phases.

This report, therefore, is a humble submission to Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC), The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (SMZ), political parties, civil society organizations, faith based organizations, domestic and international election observers, development partners, general public and all election stakeholders.

We hope that the report will contribute to improve future conduct and management of elections in order to meet international standards for credible, inclusive and violence free elections in Zanzibar.

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